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Can you describe your style.
Versatile, capricious. My style depend of my mood and of the context. But if you have a pair of tribute from YSL, even with an old jeans you can go everywhere from the Lutecia, to a rock concert so this could be my "basic" look. And I must say that I like to provoke and derange people in the street. I put iconic things they know, with thing they never imagine that could match together. Maybe I just try.

Who's your favorite fashion designer ? And who's not ? Why ?
For spring summer 09 it's Vivienne Westwood (with a special price for Maison Martin Margiela). Her collection is really exciting, I like the kind of woman she describe in it, and If I could, I would shop the all ready to wear collection. The fashion designer I hate are Isabelle Marant and Vanessa Bruno, because it's expensive and boring.

Which designer clothes do you wear ?
I can spend a month of rent in pair of shoes, but not in a dress. So I have designer clothes, but from young designers, friends, because they give them to me. And in vintage I have a wonderful Christian Lacroix skirt, I wear as a dress.

Where do you usually shop ? Do you shop online ? If yes, where at ?
Never to "les grand magasins" boulevard Hausman (too much people for me). I go straight to the designer shop or selected shop in St Germain des prés. And for the H&M stuff I go to mall in the suburbs. I shop online only for t-shirt or accessories. And sorry no special address on the web, when I find something cool, I publish it on my website. But of course my speciality is vintage and I can't say where I'm going...

Is there anyone out there who's got the style that you really like ?
No, by principe I'm not a fan. But I love the look of people in the street who try things, and I'm more sensitive to that fashion.

What as been the influences on your wardrobe ? (music, band, movie...)
Definitively Isabelle Adjany in Subway (Luc Besson), Britany Murphy in Spun. It's really rare that I didn't find something I could use in a movie. And I'm a big fan of teen movie, but than I make it my own may.
For music I take idea from old school hip hop to Britney Spears, passing by electronic music. It's hard for me to answer this question because I'm a kind of sponge who can find things every where and from anybody..

Do you purchase luxury products ? Which ones ?
Oh yeah... Shoes... Pierre Hardy, Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy... Most of the time I'm on high heel so it can not be cheap shoes or my foot would be dead already (but it's okay with vintage because it's already use and old style fabric so good quality). And YSL shoes, are just fabulous. And Pierre Hardy is just a genius. And then make up. I don't use a lot of it but I dont have a skin that allow me to use cheap products, so I buy at Yves Saint Laurent and Mac for the "dress to impress" make up. Pigment they use are colorful and they made a "barbie" line a year ago that is just fabulous, and the lipstick have the smell of the barbie, it's a kind of regressive and I like it.

Which magazines do you read ?
V magazine, Woun and the Interview. I was a fan of the Pop, but waiting for the new Love. I kind of like Katie Grand.

What do you think is the biggest trend in your city right now ?
Boring, the same since a few years : skinny jeans, stripes, low boots, or converse, leather jacket... The H&M total look to pretend to be rock & roll when your sixteen... Or the Vanessa Bruno silhouette like "Yeah I'm natural, anorexic and spend a month of rent in a oversize silk and cotton top". Just boring. But then in party you can see many people trying different things, and it's just impossible to describe because there as many style as cool people.

What do you think the future fashion would be like ?
I really think next trend will have a lot to do with vintage and more generally second hand. I could be less about consummation and more about style. Maybe something really contrasted with luxury materials, designers clothes and used material more "rude" from vintage. I wish I could see more women on high heel ... More people dressing the way they like, with clothes that feet to there morphology. Maybe my style will be the next. 5 years ago when I was wearing leggings or socks in high heels, people in the street of Paris looks at me like if I was a freak... And now everybody do that.

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  1. je n'arrive pas à décrocher mon regard de tes sublimes tribute d'YSL!

  2. ça fait un moment que je lis ton blog, et je suis définitivement conquise. Pas fan, hein, c'est un don't.

  3. Ceci dit, une précision au niveau des tribute... Une fille devant un bar m'a dit "ha mais elle sont super tes popes, on les voit dans tous les magazines en ce moment"... Les deux paires de YSL que j'ai en stock sont un cadeau d'anniversaire, qui date de mars dernier ... Donc elles sont au moins en magasin depuis un an ... Et si mes souvenirs sont bons, je les avaient déjà repérées quelques mois auparavant ... Je vais me lancer dans le consulting de talons hauts, c'est décidé ... Merci encore pour vos gentils commentaires, c'est toujours très agréable et très motivant ...

  4. MERCI !...
    ..de cracher sur Isabelle Marant et Vanessa Bruno.
    C'est rafraichissant.

    Et tout simplement merci pour ton blog, qui change de tous ces blogs de mode où les "rédactrices" n'ont pas d'avis, de vision de la mode et se contente de recopier ce qui a déjà été vu un millier de fois en se prétendant "hype".

    Au plaisir de te relire

  5. bonjour! lire ton itw en écoutant tricky c'est top!.


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